SaaS provider Blue Crossing’s channel enablement platform automates and reduces the costs in asset acquisition, management, and renewal. Manufacturers, distributors, VARs, and end user organizations gain enhanced visibility and actionable data analytics to inform executive decision-making and improve ROI.
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With Blue Crossing, the manufacturer receives real-time information on sales. Knows what serial numbers shipped to what customer location.

Data can be used to analyze the end user customer, why they chose the product and how they’re using it. Helps the manufacturer:

  • improve roadmaps and product development
  • segment the market, improve the marketing message
  • design complementary products and broaden lines
  • better understand performance and the product lifecycle
  • update versions and extend warranties

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Blue Crossing allows the distributor to provide quoting, configuration and ordering tools that make purchasing easier and improve dealer loyalty and recruitment. The distributor can:

  • automate services that make dealers more productive in selling
  • deliver services that VARs are not equipped to provide
  • maintain records and documents “in reach” of VARs and their customers
  • recruit and manage contractors for engineering, installation and maintenance services
  • help dealers improve processes and show a more professional front to their customers

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Utilizing Blue Crossing applications, the VAR/integrator improves internal procedures and external visibility. These dealers enhance marketing and strengthen customer loyalty when they can:

  • Speed the quoting and proposal process and automate RMAs
  • Offer advanced engineering, integration and financial services (from manufacturer or distributor)
  • Deliver their own or third party installation and maintenance services prompted and managed using automated processes
  • Access instant visibility into the entire transaction—from proposal to post sale maintenance

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At the end of the chain, the technology user gains a convenient, branded, dealer-linked management portal where they can:

  • request quotes, make purchases, process RMAs with online forms
  • coordinate configuration, receiving, installation, integration and services with the VAR
  • view a history of every purchase by location, serial numbers, cost, warranties, etc.
  • conveniently access manuals, updates, software
  • engage a ticketing system for service and maintenance

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Blue Crossing brings the value-add to every stop in the distribution channel.

Beginning in 2005 as a telecom asset management platform, Texas-based Blue Crossing has evolved to become a web-based platform that connects the ecosystem of manufacturers, distributors, resellers and end user customers. The improved efficiencies increase revenue and customer satisfaction for technology sellers and secure a reliable return on investment for buyers.

On a basic level, the SaaS platform cares about a refined, expedient, centralized management of three elements: people, places and things.

People icon

Employees / Contractors

  • Contacts and communication
  • Training and certifications
  • Work records, experience
  • Contracts and agreements

Vendors and Suppliers

  • Contact information
  • Warranties and service contracts
  • Pricing and performance agreements
  • Purchase history


  • Contacts and communication
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Purchasing and transaction records
  • Service ticketing and self-serve RMA

Places icon


  • Contact information for property management, maintenance
  • Lease contracts, addendums, subleases
  • Tax and legal documents
  • Construction and remodeling projects

Utilities and Services

  • Contact directory for energy, water, network services
  • Contracts and renewals
  • Location of circuits and network access
  • Photos and drawings

Things icon

Technology Assets

  • Warranty and service contract renewals
  • Original vendor, serial numbers, dates
  • Software versions, licenses, firmware
  • Life cycle management

Project Management

  • Repository of participant communications
  • Project plans, milestones, performance
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Standard processes and templates

Document Management

  • Indexed operations and procedure manuals
  • Receipts and warranty documents
  • Fast access to contracts and agreements
  • Regulation compliance documentation

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